Essay On Leadership Qualities

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One character trait that I find fits me well is realistic. I set my goals high and work hard to reach them, but I also make sure that my goal can be reached. I believe it is worse to fail a goal you set that was too demanding of you than to succeed and keep aspiring higher with time. To be realistic is a significant trait that everyone should own. It allows one to live up to their greatest potential and to constantly improve themselves. Another trait I possess is being diligent, which I believe I am diligent because of my job. Working in a nursing home can be a difficult job and it is one you have to take seriously. These elderly people I care for need someone to make sure their daily lives are being lived to their standards and that they are …show more content…
Growing up, my younger cousins always looked up to me and did what I did, so being a leader meant teaching them what I found to be important qualities in a person. I have been a role model which I found to be exceedingly meaningful. I am apart of various leadership groups such as FBLA and FCCLA. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. This year, I am the president of FBLA and I am excited to take on the responsibilities of that role and to see everything this group has to offer me. As president, I am in charge of running the meetings and making sure everyone is up to date on announcements and creating the agenda for all of our sessions. Being the president of this group will positively impact my future and my leadership skills that I am improving everyday. FCCLA stand for Family Career Community Leaders of America. Leader is in the name, and being apart of this group has allowed me to help my neighborhood and become a stronger constituent in my community. I am the vice-president of our chapter FCCLA and of our district FCCLA, and with that job comes the responsibility of our chapter organization. I help our chapter president with all group related issues and scheduling. I have been in FCCLA for 4 years and I enjoy the people associated with the group that are always helping me improve my leadership

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