Essay On Value Based Leadership

When it comes to values-based leadership, it is important to understand that as leaders we sometimes need to take a few steps back to self – reflect so that we can build awareness around our purpose as leaders. It’s important that with value-based leadership, we learn to collaborate with others in order to help people achieve their best. As leaders it is our obligation to show humility and gratitude. In the book, From Values To Action, Harry Kraemer is able to unpack this idea of authentic leadership and how as leaders it well within our right not to know everything and its okay to be comfortable with that as long as we know what we know and who we would need to seek out in order to understand what we don’t know. As a leader, doing the right thing as it aligns to your values is what makes leadership worth it. When you are able to do the right thing, success for your school or company will come. It is simple, in order to make a sound decision and stay true to who you …show more content…
When you are able to be authentic with yourself and with others, your life will become substantially more fulfilling. Your strength and confidence in your abilities will grow; your own distinctive greatness about yourself will shine. When you are humble in your abilities but appreciative of what you have accomplished, others will support your leadership and what you will be able to do to affect change. When you do not display this characteristic as a value - based leader, it makes you seem desolate and it illustration your inner weaknesses as a leader. You come off as disrespectful and maybe at times arrogant. As you go through life as a leader, it is important that you exhibit sincere humility. You want people to see your leadership as a form of inspiration and purpose. You want people to be inspired by your stories and examples that you

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