Essay on Personal Note On Texting And Driving

1036 Words Nov 4th, 2014 5 Pages
In my picture, I chose to illustrate a phone with an “X” over it and a road in the background. I chose this illustration to promote no texting and driving. Texting is very dangerous and statistics say that a crash is twenty-three times more likely to happen when texting and driving. Texting while driving cause eleven teen deaths a day and are the reason for twenty-five percent of vehicle crashes. (Quinstreet) My illustration is a strong example of a visual argument because it has a strong point it is trying to get across: texting and driving is dangerous. Texting and driving is a real problem that effects, and even kills people daily and needs to be recognized, faced, and done away with. In my illustration, I drew a road behind a cell phone with an “X” over it. I chose to draw the circle around the phone red. In my opinion, bright red attracts attention. In fact, most of the colors I used in my illustration were bright colors. I did this in an attempt to catch the audience’s attention. I made sure the road in the background was dark gray, just like a normal road so the bright colors popped even more. Together, all the colors added up to hopefully persuade the audience in the right direction. Cell phones are a part of almost everyone’s life so the topic is familiar. I am sure texting related accidents are familiar to at least some in the audience, especially teens. Teens are more likely to text and drive because teens are always playing around on their phones. Everyone is my…

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