Personal Narrative Writing: The Aspects Of Effective Writing

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In reality writing is probably one of the most difficult things to do, whether it’s an individual’s career or just free writing. It is very difficult for me to begin writing; I am a big procrastinator. I will avoid the assignment until the very day it is due and then rush to turn in what I can. When avoiding certain assignments, I’ll probably begin baking to take my mind off of the assignment and other work that is due. I’ll call my grandmother ask her how her day was, try to catch up with some relatives I haven’t talked to in a while or ask my dad if he needs help in the yard. When my inner conscious can’t take it anymore and abruptly tells me “Do your assignment!!!” That’s when I finally decide, hey maybe I should try working on homework. …show more content…
That’s when my sister begins to tell me that I have started rambling again talking about the same thing over and over again. I try to justify my reason for doing that by telling her that I want to make sure I get my point across.
When trying to conclude my writing I always seem to get nervous because I never know how to exactly end an essay. I could be up for hours trying to figure out the perfect ending and still not have a clue on how to end it. I use different strategies
A strategy that I use consist of three different ideas I start the three different paragraphs and then decide from there what paragraph I want to expand on. From there, I figure out in what the paragraphs so be in and if they need to be revised and once the assignment is completed, I have a couple people revise my essay and help me decide what is wrong and how it could be fixed. The best part of my writing process is when I am finally done.
Of course, my writing process isn’t perfect but it gets me through the assignment. I honestly cannot think of a moment that my process has failed me and I could not finish an assignment. The anxiety of writing gets to me but in the end, everything turns out alright because I finish my essay and I’m

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