Personal Narrative: My Trip To Michigan

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Saturday morning we got our luggage and left for Chicago. Once we got to the suburbs of Chicago the traffic and weather was getting bad we moved one block in like 20 minutes. It took us another hour to get to the O'Hare airport we paid for our bags and got food and starbucks and went to our gate. We got on the plane and the take off was pretty bad the wind got really bad and it was bumpy. The flight was about 4 hours. The plane landed in Portland, Oregon around 8:30 west coast time. We went to go get our bags and then my aunt Ali picked us up and she said
" I have something to tell you guys!"
" What? Wait, are you pregnant? Asked my dad.
" How did you know?!" asked my aunt surprised.
" It's obvious, but congratulations" said my dad.
We got to her house at 9:00 and ate some
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They had some food trucks so we ate there and then went home. After about a hour it was about 1:00 we left with the dog and went to this park. The park was a really green, really pretty park that had waterfalls and a lake. It also had a river/stream running through it and at certain parts in the park there was a bridge over the lowerfalls and you could see the waterfall go down underneath you. If you hike up higher your on top of one of the smaller mountains and there is a huge waterfall up there. It was cold though because of the higher elevation. On Tuesday, we drove to this cave system formed by the lava flow from Mount St. Helens. The cave was about 2 or 3 miles long to the end and 2 or 3 miles back. You could see Mount St. Helens when you walk out of the cave and it is still covered in snow even though it was about 75 degrees on the ground.
Thursday night we went to dinner this really old school that they turned into a restaurant and a hotel place was super old and weird. They had old pictures of the old students that went to the school the people on the pictures looked like they were staring at

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