Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Washington DC

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My Trip to Washington DC

We were just landing at the airport and got off our plane. We walked through the terminal collecting our luggage, then walked outside. It was late, around 11pm and was a crisp, cool night and it was raining. We were picked up by Brian’s friend Smiley and his wife Kathryn in their black Ford F150. We threw are bags in the back and the climbed in the truck and went for a thirty minute drive. It was almost midnight when we arrived at Smiley’s house and brought our bags in and fell asleep. We had just gotten off of a four hour flight and were in Washington DC. We came to see Brian’s friends and sightsee, it would become one of our favorite trips ever.

In the morning I woke up yawning and still in my clothes from yesterday. We slept in because we couldn’t get out of the suburbs until the rush hour ended, so there wasn’t a
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They were delicious, you could really taste the great amount of flavor with every bite. You’d bite into the warm crust and just be bombarded with a great taste of berry, cinnamon and sugar, or many other delicious flavors. The tarts were flaky and baked to perfection, they were a truly delicious treat. We then got our own meals. I got eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. I got sharp cheddar cheese on the eggs and hashbrowns because, to put it simple, I love cheese. The whole meal was delicious and we all couldn’t finish our massive amounts of food. We paid and walked out into the cool, crisp, autumn air, called an Uber and left to go sightseeing.

I had started raining lightly as we drove downtown, we used Uber's to get everywhere there, Brian’s friend Smiley didn’t have a spare car so we used Ubers. We went to the Space and Aeronautics center in Washington and I really... how would you put it? I nerded out as we got to the Second World War section. There were five planes in the exhibit, one from each major country excluding

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