Personal Narrative: My Sophomore Year Of High School

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Failure is an event no one wants to go through, but everyone has to go through to grow and prosper as an individual. My freshmen and sophomore year of high school is a time I experience failure. As I transitioned into high school from middle school, I had a difficult time adapting to the environment and work load I had encountered. My parents did not attend school in the United States, therefore, I did not have the support needed to transition into a different environment. Many times, I would feel very discouraged because I would not be doing well in class. I felt like I had no hope because I was not prepared for what came my way. Therefore, I began to slowly give up trying because I faced constant disappointment academically during my first …show more content…
I realized that to be the supporting man in the house, I need to be educated and earn a degree that will get me the job I want and need to support family and myself. Therefore, I decided to contact counselors, teachers and older siblings about how I can succeed in school so that I can get into a good college that will provide me with all the resources I need to prosper. My older sister was the biggest help, she is a year a head of me so she gave me great advice on classes, programs and activities I could participate in to help me change my perspective of school. I began to look and experience school differently. In stead of thinking about the failures I faced, I began to use the failure as my motivation. My need to avoid failure turned into the energy I needed to power myself to improve academically. Beginning my junior year, I made sure that in order to finish strong, I need to start strong. I began looking at assignment and tests differently. I realized that the assignments and test were my key into college, so I made sure my key was polished an intact for my use in the future when I began applying to

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