Personal Narrative: My Hockey World

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My Hockey World
I can never see myself not playing hockey. Hockey is my passion, love, and my favorite sport in the intire world. Hockey is something important to me.I don't know what I’d do without it. Hockey brings my family together from skating on our pond to going to a Redwings game. It might not be waking up on Christmas morning to you, but to me it's anything I can imagine. And it’s more than hockey. Is the joy knowing that you have something to rely on. Hockey has taught me so many life lessons, ways to cheer me up, and i don't know what I’d do without it. In my lifetime, i get mad at a lot of stupid things that other people would just let go. I try really hard to calm down and to forget about it, but most of the times it's really hard. But when i joined hockey, I realized that people and things will bring you down and sometimes you can't help it. But hockey has taught me that sometimes
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I was terrified. I would try my hardest to get a good spot on the team by copying what the other girls did. But then I found out that I needed to do the things my coach said and forget what the other girls were doing and focus on what I was doing in my own way and that i needed to pay attention of how I was playing and concentrate on how all the girls passed the puck and that I needed to start being more confident of I play.

Hockey has taught me that anything is possible and that I just need to make goals to accomplish them. At first when I started out playing hockey, I had a goal that I learn to do a crossover in two weeks. But one day I thought that goal was like sponge bob getting his driver's licences. I didn't know why but I was upset. I didn't know why at the time but know I do. I was so stressed out of the older girls on my team that I thought that my goal was weak. But I realized no goal is to big or small. And if i didn't realize it then, I wouldn't have been a great

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