The Importance Of Self-Confidence In Hockey

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Self-confidence is not a tool that people are born with. It takes years of practice or even a life time of practice to obtain self-confidence, but when you can achieve having self-confidence you tend not to lose it as it will benefit many aspects of your life. According to self-confidence is “realistic confidence in one’s own judgement, ability and power.” As a hockey player here at USU self-confidence can make or break your game, if you don’t feel like a winner you will not play like a winner. In the history of hockey all winning teams give credit to their team having It’s not a natural feeling to think you can beat the odds, the difficulty or overcome the adversity that happens in competition but having the feeling that you will always prevail is a perfected skill. When the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanly Cup back in May the starting Goalie Matt Murray was stated that his game 5 when he allowed 3 goals on 5 shots “I don’t think I played badly at all,” with that self-confidence Murray was able to get the win in game 6 to hoist the Cup. Self-confidence will continue to be a part of winning teams. …show more content…
When you’re in the gym a few times a week working on your body to better it is when confidence is at the highest. Your muscles feel great and your body is stretched out all week and ready for a game. When I’m not in the gym for certain reasons the confidence goes down, almost a lack of belief that I can do certain things. Also a laziness feel too help hold me back when that happens. But when I am at full health and not injured and in the gym 3 to 4 times a week I feel that my game is at its best and I feel that my team can benefit from

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