Personal Narrative: A Career As A Football Player

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I went into my next year of playing wanting to feel that same excitement I felt that final game. Sophomore year I was picked to try out goal because our JV goalie was now the varsity goalie. I agreed and at first I hated goalie I had to stay in a low position and block the balls from entering the goal. Not to mention the balls were the softest and I have the buries to prove their power. A few weeks later I actually started to enjoy being goalie when we had our first game I was so nervous because I didn’t want to let my team down or be scored on. I surprised my self by being scored on only two times and blocking the teams other attempts. We won our first game and I couldn’t of been happier. As the season went on things started to pick up and I started to learn more techniques. While warming up for a game, our guy coach had me in the goal trying to score on me. He ended up throwing the ball so hard it broke my finger even though I was wearing a highly padded glove he still managed to break it. I played through the game because I didn’t want to let my team down. The next day I had to sit out of practice so I wouldn’t do anything to ruin myself more the …show more content…
Before the game against Lebanon the varsity team played first and the JV team played second. The JV coach warmed me up which was the last thing I wanted because she was awful and it did nothing for me. When the game started I didn’t want to even play I was over it, within 5 minutes I let four balls go in. I was ever more angry at that point and made the decision to tough it up and try harder. At that point I put everything I had into the game as a goalie I was more aggressive than my own players. I didn’t let one ball in the rest of the game and I was on a high from excitement and my friend for the other team wasn’t able to score on me. By the end of the game I blocked a total of 13 shots on goal after the first 5 minutes of the

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