Personal Narrative: High School Experience Of Jarred Wulf

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The Northview High School Experience of Jarred Wulf
I remember the day I was a freshmen sitting in a lockeroom full of seniors at a NV hockey summer camp at Kent State, the words “ Take this all in with you kid, high school flies by so fast”. That stuck with me all four years of high school. It 's crazy to think that a high school experience or high school hockey experience could change how you look at your life and future so much in such little time. The words, “ where am I going next?” or “what I am going to do?” have stuck with me since junior year. I believe high school is the perfect demonstration of how life is in four years.
First I would like to start out about how hockey has influenced me and prepared me for my next steps through maturity. I remember when I was 14 years old and a freshmen on that
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I 'm a senior playing my last season for my school and I thought id never see the day of this happening, I learned so much leadership from this. Before the season started I got named captain of the team and called the backbone of the team. I took that to heart and tried to lead and play at the same time the whole season, I even mentored a young sophomore goalie that I taught all my ways to. Now it wasn 't a perfect storybook ending, it was an ugly season with a lot of adversity that I had to overcome but still, I ended up prevailing and overcoming it. Hockey was the greatest life lesson teacher I have ever learned from.
So let 's recap my hockey experience, I learned some great life lessons from each year. They all come together as Maturity, Teamwork, Hard work, Leadership, and overcoming adversity. Think about all of those together in a college or workplace setting, they all are super important and necessary. Hockey has definitely made me into who I am and how I carry myself and I am very proud of that. I’d like to thank Mike Jones for being my mentor and changing me for the good and making me into a very respectable young man as he would

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