Personal Narrative: My First Half Court Shot

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Have you ever made your first half court shot? I know I have! It was any other basketball practice, oh wait it was the last basketball practice of the school year/season! The whole team was there. My teammates were Aiden, Micah, Isaiah, Sammy, Richard and me. My dad, the coach, was there too. The girls basketball team was practicing too. The girls basketball players were Lily, Alyssa, Harper, Rae, Aubrey, Layla. We split the court in half. The right side was the boys basketball. The left side was girls basketball. We finish our last basketball practice. So did the girls. My mom got sno cones for the boys and girls basketball team. We all enjoyed our sno cones and I said, “Let’s play half court knock out.” The boys played, the girls watched, We played 3 times. The first time we played my dad won by a three against Micah. The second time we played Micah won by a half court shot. Then it started the last time we played. It shook the room! …show more content…
My dad went first, then Micah, then me. My dad shot it and missed the shot. Micah shot the ball and missed. My dad recive the ball and made the free throw shot and passed the ball to me. Micah got the rebound and made the three. I got the ball and shot the basketball and missed. Then I recive the ball and shot the layup. My dad shot the half court shot and made it. Micah shot the half court shot and missed. I shot the half court shot and swished. Everyone got up and started cheering loudly. My dad shot and missed. I shot and I swished the half court shot to win. It made me excited to shoot threes when i’m open. That will help the team if we are losing by three. Our to get us the lead by three. Now when I shoot, I shoot better ever since that half court knockout game. I make more shots because i’m excited to shoot them. After that game I went home to play with my friends and guess what we played. BASKETBALL! The next day at school I was bragging at Micah. That is all

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