Essay on Personal Narrative : My First Deer

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My First Deer

One brisk 30 degree day in January, when I was nine years old, was a day for which I was extremely excited. My dad got me out of school earlier that day, so we could go deer hunting. I had already shot a turkey the year before, so guns were nothing new to me. We made a quick stop at my house so that we could pick up the .243 youth edition, a really short barreled .243, that my dad had bought just about a month before so that we could go hunting, and I would actually be able to handle the gun. At this point we did not have the hunting land that we do today, so we went to my grandpa’s house and hunted in the clearing of trees behind his house. We walked up to the stand my dad had set up. We climbed up the stand, about ten feet high, and I felt like I was falling the entire three minutes it took for me to get up there.
My dad probably figured it’d take a while for one to show up if one ever did, but I was already itching with anticipation. Apparently, my instincts were right because not any longer than ten minutes after we got in the stand three deer showed up: one extremely small buck, one doe, and one little fawn about six months old, which is old enough to survive on its own. They were about 100 yards away standing broadside (with their sides directly in front of me); 100 yards is an easy shot with a rifle, but my dad wanted me to wait so I did. They ended up about ten yards away. I really wanted to shoot the buck; unfortunately, it was antlerless season. I…

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