Personal Narrative: Life Is Unpredictable By Rashida Rowe

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Rashida Rowe tells us, “Life is unpredictable...Today you have and tomorrow you may not have, be thankful for the good that stays with you.” This statement could not be more accurate. One aspect of life I can be certain of is its marvelous and dreadful unpredictability.
Nearly four years have passed since this became painfully evident to me, and still not a day goes by where it doesn’t haunt me. My day began like any other and ended like no other when I awoke on Monday, June 17, 2013 ready to go to Holiday World, just as we did every Monday. Unfortunately, we arrived a bit later than usual because of our indecisiveness, so we spent the day in the water park. Towards late afternoon, the heat became less oppressive as clouds enveloped the sun. My younger sister Katy and I decided to dry our hair out by riding a roller coaster. Afterwards, our parents decided to treat us to Udderly Blue ice-cream before leaving the park. As we leisurely strolled to the car, I felt a couple raindrops on my arms, and by the time we arrived at the car, the rain was steadily coming down. Dad drastically reduced his speed once we were on the interstate due to insufficient visibility. I had an overall ominous feeling about being on the road. As soon as I looked up from answering a text, our car headed straight into a semi. Not even
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As an adolescent, he had no idea that he would end up in foster care and never attend the same school for more than a year until college. As a young man, he swore he would never marry or have children. Little did he know that when he moved to Indiana to live with his aunt and uncle during his senior year of high school, he would meet the woman of his dreams. A short two years later he proposed and married within a few days. Exactly one year after he married, he met his first daughter and only a couple years later, he and Mom brought another sweet baby girl into this

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