Personal Narrative Experience: A Huge Surprise '

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A Huge Surprise
On December 3, in my hometown, Dallas, Texas, my family and I went walking to downtown. “Should we go to the park and buy a cup of fruit, or should we get on the train and go to an ice cream shop,” suggested my uncle Felix. “I suggest we get on the train and go buy ice cream because it’s 90 degrees out here,” I said exaggerating. We stopped at the train stop and waited patiently for it to arrive. When the train finally arrived, we walked in smelling the wooden seats and the driver welcomed us with the sound of the bell. As soon as we got off the train, we walked to “Kokopelli Candy” and we all ate our ice creams. I ordered a mint chocolate chip ice cream with gummy bears, nerds, and sprinkles on top. YUM! We had a fun afternoon
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I got out of bed and went to see who was in the kitchen. “Good morning Malma,” I said to my grandma. “Good morning, I heard your mom snoring sound asleep, so I decided to cook yall kids some breakfast today,” she said. “Thanks, by the way Joel and Emily are still sleeping as well, and I may think I’ll be the only one eating right now,” I said. “That’s fine I’ll eat with you,” said my grandma. After breakfast, I got dressed and walked outside to check the mailbox. “Anything interesting in there,” said a voice. “Nah, not really, wait who is that,” I said confused. “I’m down here,” called out the voice. I looked around and saw the small, fluffy dog I saw last night, right beside the mailbox pole. “Woah, are you talking?” “You never heard a dog talk before,” the pup said. “Honestly no, never, until now,” I said. “I thought all dogs talked, but let me introduce myself, my name is Malli,” she said. “Hey Malli,” I said happily. “By the way who’s your owner?” “Mr.Clay, he lives right in front of your house,” she said. “Ohh, I knew you belonged to him, does he know that you are a talking dog?” I asked questionably. “Yes, he does, he doesn’t take me anywhere out of the house, I heard him tell his wife that he will be embarrassed if anyone found out that I can talk,” said Malli. “What’s to be embarrassed about, it’s really cool that you have an ability to talk, at least you can communicate with humans.” “Well you’re …show more content…
I rung the doorbell at least about five times but, no one answered it. “I guess they aren’t home.” “I forgot to tell you that him and his wife left early this morning so, they aren’t home,” said Malli. As soon as she was done saying that a red Ford truck pulled up the driveway. “Oh my goodness, where were you Malli,” said Mr.Clay worried. “Don’t worry I found her outside my fence in front of the mailbox,” I told him. “By the way sir, I was wondering if we can talk for a minute.” “Sure why not, please make yourself at home,” he greeted me politely inside his house. I told him everything Malli had told me that morning. “I apologize but I focus so much on my job, I barely have any time with Malli,” he said. “I have a wonderful idea that will make you happy, what if you get to adopt Malli and have her as your own pet.” “Are you serious, I would love to only if Malli would like to as well,” I said excitedly. “Yes that will be awesome,” she said happily too. “I’ll pack her things and you can take her with you for tonight, and next thing in the morning your parents and I will fill out the paperwork,” said Mr.Clay. “Goodbye,” Malli and I called

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