Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day Of The First Grade

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Walking into the classroom, loud voices blocked my state of mind; my palms were sweating and my legs trembled with fear. Do I have to be here? Can I go home? These thoughts were frantically running through my head as I stepped into the unfamiliar classroom to start my very first day of the first grade. Going from kindergarten to first grade was like going from earth to mars. Well, at least I thought it felt like that. I no longer had my big brother in elementary school with me, and I was scared to death. It was the beginning of learning new things. In kindergarten I imagined leaving for first grade and stepping into something super hard and different. Harder material, more kids, new teachers, and the fact that I was super shy. First grade was a year for many new experiences. This was my earliest memory of learning how to read, which wasn’t my most terrific experience. …show more content…
Like many young kids, the anticipation to accomplish a higher achievement made me feel like I was an older kid – and more like my big brothers. But my excitement and willingness to learn to read were shot down by my teachers, who weren’t there to help all the children succeed. As we started off the school year learning the alphabet and new words, I was having trouble learning as quickly as the others. As I sat in the class, I studied my peers’ reading skills and hoped my reading could be as perfect as theirs. However, I still had no help from my teachers, and I came home every night annoyed that I could not grasp the

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