Personal Narrative: Road Trip To Remember

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Road Trip to Remember Summer can either be two and a half months of excessive boredom or extravagant fun. This year my summer was a combination of both. For the first month, my parents and older sister were trying to figure out the best place to visit. In the beginning several weeks I was quite enthusiastic to help plan the trip but as the days dragged on it got quite boring. Every time we would make a reasonable plan some random crisis would arise. Once it was a big family function, on another occasion there just was not enough time. Finally after weeks of trying my sister had an idea.
“Mama?” She called from the living room.
“Yes?” My mom answered in Punjabi from the kitchen.
“Do you think if I can make a good plan for a road trip, you’ll be able to convince Dad to let us go?” she asked.
“If it a good plan, then yes, probably.” She answered back. My sister went back to clicking on
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It was first planned to take three hours but we ended up eating out again. We ate Subway and I got the foot long, oven roasted chicken, that I was craving for about 3 weeks. After we ate, we decided to visit a Gurdwara (Indian temple) in Calgary. We ended up getting an hour behind schedule. We were staying at one of my dad’s friend’s house for a day. We got there in 3 hours at 8:30 p.m. We had not eaten dinner year and we were all famished even though we ate only 4 hours earlier. The family had prepared an Indian buffet for us. After so many days of eating American food, we were all craving Indian food. I ended up eating 3 bowls of Shaheed Paneer, 3 roti’s, a big bowl of chicken, a plate of rice, a bowl of sabji, and a bowl of lamb. Afterward, for dessert, I ate two drumstick ice creams. My siblings, mother, and I slept at about 12:00 a.m. and my dad spent 3 more hours talking to his friends so he slept at 3:00a.m. We woke up at 9:00 in the morning, got changed and set off to the Edmonton mall, the biggest mall in

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