Personal Narrative: Sam Ash Music Store

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One day i was with my three best friends Josh Cervantes, Josh Rivera, and David Cervantes. That day we did a lot of things first of all it was just me and the two josh's we woke up then we decided to make our own breakfast we did that then went to the mall. When we were at the mall we met my dad there and he had bought us sodas at gameworks, after we had drank our drinks me and my friends decided to go walk around the mall and just look at stores. We went to many stores like cloth stores and all types but the store we had the most fun in is Sam Ash music store because me and my two friends Josh C. and Josh R. are all music makers we rap so we are all heavily involved with music. We were in there for about 45 minutes and then we decided to get picked up and go back home, we were waiting to get picked up for like 30 minutes for Josh’s mom. When we finally got picked up we went back home and decided to call our other friend david cervantes so he came over and we were thinking of what all of us should do. At first we all decided we can go swimming so we got ready to go swimming and then we had to wait for josh’s little brothers and sister because they wanted to join us. We went …show more content…
When we got home it was time to eat dinner so we did eat our dinner then we decided to go work on a new song. So we went up stairs to our lab a.k.a. Josh’s room, When we got up there i instantly had an idea of what instrumental we can use for our new song. We used Kendrick Lamar’s and Dr Dre’s “The Recipe” and we were very in the mood for writing and we finished our song within 2 hours. We had finished our song but this song was released on April 23, 2017 as “Psychotic Minds - Elevation” on youtube and it was first written a couple months back. This is one very eventful day from waking up making our own breakfast, then going to the mall, our friend David falling, and making a

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