Personal Essay For The Medical School Application

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Personal Essay for the Medical School Application
Explain your motivation to seek a career in MEDICINE. Be sure to include the value of your experiences that prepare you to be a physician. *
Max: 5,000 characters. Notes: I have used almost similar Personal statement that I used for AMCAS application except I have edited second last paragraph.

An 11 years old kid is lying on the ground in a dark room crying, shaking, and trembling with intense pain in both of his ears. The pain was similar to as if someone was hitting him with some sharp object inside his ears and every time he would feel the shock of pain, he would pull both of his ears while enduring the pain. The pain would rise every couple of seconds and with each shock of pain, the kid would lose part of the hope he had of surviving. This was the experience that I felt when I had a severe ear infection in both of my ears.
After consulting with the doctor and taking the medication, I started to get better within a couple of days. I was so grateful to the doctor that I wanted to do the same and treat other people’s suffering, to make a difference in the lives of the people in the same way that the doctor had made a difference in my life. This was the experience that put the seed of medicine within me and ignited the will to pursue this career.
Even though I had planned to pursue this path to become a physician, I had my doubts because I was not the brightest student. I was still confused until I went to biology class…

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