Personal Statement: A Career In Hospitals

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Topic thing Hospitals are large facilities and require a lot of people to work in them. They need physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and many other doctors that specialize in areas. Another type of person hospitals need are volunteers. Even though volunteers don’t have degrees, they still are able to work in places in the hospitals. The volunteers are able to work wherever in the hospital they desire, as long as space allows it. I was interested in volunteering at a hospital because even though I haven’t been in the hospital, I have had family members that were. My mother is one person that has had several surgeries and every time I am in the hospital with her, I always have so many questions. What do all of these machines do? How do …show more content…
Many other volunteers don’t have this opportunity because they aren’t licensed. Volunteers usually are stuck watching for several hours. I am able to touch medicine and do what a pharmacy technician does. The only thing that I am not allowed to do is to fill IV prescripttions. Usually, Pharmacy Techs are allowed to calculate and measure medicines into IV’s that are given to specific patients. Because I am a volunteer, I am not allowed to do this (which makes sense to me because one calculation error could kill someone). Depending on the pharmacist (and the circumstance), I am actually allowed to go with them and check in on patients. When checking on patients, pharmacist will ask what medicine the patient is on, and then from there the pharmacist will critique the current and new medications the patient will need. Overall, I get to choose where I want to be for every shift. Most of the time, I choose to be with the pharmacy technicians because I plan on taking a certification exam soon so I choose to be around them to gain knowledge about the exam.
Even though going through the process and becoming a volunteer was very excessive at times, I really am enjoying it. I like the people I get to be around and figuring out the effects of medicine. It’s interesting to learn about how patients are affected by pharmacists. Many people think that physicians do most of the work, but pharmacists correct a lot of situations. I love learning more and more about how to address and work with patients. Being able to be around the pharmacist and patients is overall a great

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