Pepsi-Cola Company Essay

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The Pepsi-Cola Company

Marilyn Parker

Professor’s James Ibe

Business 309 May 01, 2015

The Pepsi-Cola Company
The industry I have chosen is the Pepsi-Cola Company. Pepsi is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies. The company was founded by Caleb Davis Bradham, a New Bern, North Carolina pharmacist in the 1890s. Mr. Bradham became the first president of the company. Pepsi-Cola was formulated in 1898. He believed the drink was more than a refreshment but a “heathy” cola. In late 1902, the Pepsi-Cola Company was formed due to the rising popularity and demand for the Pepsi-Cola syrup. On June 16, 1903, “Pepsi Cola” became an official trademark. In 1910 Pepsi-Cola Company held their first Bottle Convention in
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The PepsiCo is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. In 2013 a joint venture between The Muller Group and Pepsi Co open a new state-of-the-art yogurt manufacturing facility.
After years of ups and downs guess what, Pepsi is back on top. In 2013 Pepsi was ranked #1 of the most respected companies and ranked 41 on the Fortune 500 list in 2012.
The public does not view all companies the same because they are not, large companies feed off of smaller companies. This is considered to be a part of capitalism. Yes, sometimes large enterprises will target smaller companies that are selling the same products that they are selling.
All companies should have ethical moral standards. However, all companies do not exercise these standards. Some companies put nutrition facts on their labels but don’t tell you all the information that is needed to make a proper decision. This is unethical practice of a company.
Pepsi is an ethical company. Companies sometimes forget about the consequences of their decisions and how it might play a large part in society because they don’t care or worry about their stockholders. Managerial

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