Why Is Pepsi So Popular

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There is nothing more refreshing than drinking an ice-cold can of Pepsi on a hot and sizzling summer day. For over a hundred years, people have been drinking Pepsi. Pepsi-Cola, as it is officially called, was created back in 1898 in New Bern, North Carolina by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. It became so popular in his drug store that he started the official Pepsi-Cola Company in 1902. Today, it is sold and drunken in over 200 countries (Reynolds). Infamous for its rival with Coca-Cola, Pepsi has gained its own rights as it grows in popularity. One way Pepsi has increased their popularity is through advertisements, especially those from the 1950s to the modern day.
In the 1950s, Pepsi ads revolved around family picnics and friendly cook-outs.
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A blonde woman in a red evening dress standing over a sharply-dressed man. She is holding a glass of Pepsi and he is holding a bottle. Behind them is a lavishly-dressed crowd. In the top-left corner of the magazine, the ad reads: THE SOCIABLES prefer Pepsi. At the bottom right corner, it reads: Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi. Beside it, Pepsi writes, “They have a talent for friendship and a liking for fun. And, of course, a liking for Pepsi. It refreshes without filling…adds to any pleasant moment. You’re one of the Sociables. Have a Pepsi anywhere—at play, at home or at your favorite soda fountain.” This ad indicates that drinking Pepsi can make one a Sociable (“The Evolution of Pepsi in Advertisements”). Pepsi’s aim for this ad was to increase its target audience to the younger generation (Beene). On top of appealing to the need for affiliation, it also appeals to the need for prominence. This is evident in the ad through the couture outfits of the seemingly affluent attendees of the extravagant …show more content…
Even Pepsi embraced it. In 1973, their slogan was “Join the Pepsi People, Feelin’ Free.” This slogan is featured in Pepsi’s “Down East” commercial, where people are seen gallivanting on the beach, barbecuing in the sunset, and cruising along the shorelines without a care in the world. Meanwhile, the music in the ad is very upbeat and makes one feel cheerful (“70s Pepsi TV Commercial: Down East”). During this time, America was going through social and political changes. With shootings, wars, and protests, there was a lot of chaos among American citizens. The purpose of this ad was to embrace that even though everyone has their personality with their own entitled opinion, they are all still citizens of the United States of America

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