Organizational Behavior And Its Impact On Human Behavior

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Organizational Behavior is considered a recently developed curriculum. It was introduced as an area of study in the 1970’s. Although, Organizational Behavior may be considered relatively new because it is a multidisciplinary field of study, it is believed its emergence began long before its rise in the 20th century. This paper will trace Organizational Behavior in its antiquity through all its developments to its current state. In order to determine the origin of Organizational Behavior one must first dissect what the concentration actually entails. Organizational behavior is defined as a field of study that investigates how structures affect behavior within organizations, the study of both group and individual performances and activity within an organization; including internal and external perspectives. The use of Organizational Behavior is an asset to companies as it provides the ability to help make profitable decisions to promote team building, motivational strategies, and organizational development. The application of these strategies requires a profound knowledge of human behaviors and business administration. Predicting human behavior relies heavily on the fundamental teachings of psychology.
Psychology is the study of the mind. Its most basic concept is to understand individuals or groups and establish an attempt to predict their behavior. Predicting behavior or understanding mental function may now be associated with neuroscience and social science; but its

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