Essay on Online Education Is A Better Option For Working Adults

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In today’s society more and more companies are seeking employees with college education and experience. For this reason, this has made the job market increasingly competitive so, in turn I had made the decision to seek higher education. However, like most Americans, I am not able to attend a traditional college classroom due to work and family obligations. Therefore, commuting to school or leaving home to attend full time is not possible. However, with advances in technology I am able to attend college because of the creation of online learning. As a result, individuals like myself whether it is the hard working adult, or the stay at home parent, can receive a degree, certificate, or even a PHD via the internet. All it takes is a computer, an internet connection, and the determination to succeed. In summary, online education is a better option for working adults because its more convenient, affordable, and has a better variety of programs to choose from.

Taking online courses is more convenient. For example, I work 12 hour shifts, 60 + hours a week, on third shift schedule. As a result, most of my day to day obligations are completed during the evening and early morning hours on my days off. Typically, college buildings are closed during this time, so that would make it extremely difficult for me to attend class, and access the books or materials I need for the course. In addition, online learning gives me the flexibility to not only attend class and compete assignments…

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