Argumentative Essay: The Value Of A College Education

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What I would say to someone who thinks education doesn't matter or that college is a waste of time and money is that "You are missing many opportunities ahead of you." The reason for this is that a high school diploma are very important to most students but a college education is more important to many jobs. Most jobs want highly motivated people because they stand out more. With a college education, there are going to be so many doors opening with many opportunities. If there is no high school diploma, then how can you get out of your own struggles? Going to school may not be easy to some students when the truth is that education will benefit their lives better. A person who thinks education does not matter means that they have low self esteem …show more content…
It only takes a few people to have a student that does not like school to attend college. For instance, I can discuss issues in life that occur with lack of motivation. There is homelessness, less job opportunities, and possible mental health issues. With education, it does not mean a student will not stress but the student who prefers to not pursue a degree are more likely to struggle than those who do not have a full high school education. It is understanding if a student does not want to attend college but it would be best if the person chose to attend school to see how many benefits will be available for them.

College may be very expensive but there are affordable ways to fix the problem. The ways to cover college expenses are scholarships, grants, financial aid, the US Army, and other programs. Students should take advantage of today’s 21st century because there are a lot more help and opportunities available than there was in the past. College education was not as successful in the past because many jobs did not require it which nowadays they do. College is the key to a better living. I would sit down with the person with low self esteem and talk them through college and what they are interested to study in college. I would provide patience and be respectful to the

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