Obtaining A Visa For Non Native Residents Essay

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Securing employment is a difficult task in the best of circumstances, but doing so in a foreign land where you don 't speak the language can be a nearly impossible task. In no nation is this greater exemplified than in France. Americans are prioritized last by headhunters, under other residents of France, and then other residents of the European Union. Furthermore, France is still suffering from the dire economic conditions brought out about my the recent financial crisis. In addition to the difficulties in the actual job market, securing a visa for non-native residents can be a tricky process to navigate. Nevertheless, finding a job in the City of Light is possible for non-French speaking foreigners, so long as one is prepared to look in the right place. Perhaps one of the most viable sources of information is the FUSAC, a monthly magazine for English speakers in Paris that has been connecting the English-speaking community for more than twenty years. Employers seeking those with fluency in another language, for the purpose of connecting with their client base abroad, or perhaps for work as a language instructor, use the FUSAC to reach potential employees. The FUSAC is also useful for finding housing, and for staying informed on other events taking place in the anglophone community. In addition to the FUSAC, several online resources are useful in the Parisian job hunt. American-owned sites such as Craigslist are ideal for employers looking to hire English speakers for…

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