Observe A Young Asian Girl Who Was About Five Years Of Age Essay

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I chose to observe a young Asian girl who was about five years of age. Her birth date is on June 14, 2011. She was slightly above average height and seemed to be of average weight compared to her classmates. She had long dark brown hair that was pulled back a hot pink headband with a flower on it. She had an identical twin sister that wore the same hot pink dress with white and pink leggings and sparkly pink shoes. The only difference between the two physically was that my child wore leggings that had hearts on them, while her sisters had stripes. This girl was very independent in every activity that she did. She showed a high activity level as she interacted with almost every peer. She expressed her fine motor skill by coloring neatly inside the lines and stacking blocks to build a tall tower. She seemed to have great coordination skills while some of the other students would trip on their own feet at times. Since her sparkly pink shoes were flat high-tops that had Velcro, I was not able to see her fine motor skills at use on the task of tying shoes, which is really an indication of where fine motor skill levels are in her age group. I was also unable to view her muscular strength due to us being inside and the lack of muscular activities.

Cognitive/Intellectual Development This young girl was always attentive of the instructor and the students around her. Her attention was held by drawing and coloring pictures then later turned into building towers or playing house.…

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