Child Aggression Case Study

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REASON FOR REFERRAL: The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V) was administered to G.A.H on September 27th and 29th to fulfill a graduate course requirement for the Queens College School Psychology Program.
G.A.H. is in the 5th grade at Public School 110. Mrs. H reported she, had some difficulty during her pregnancy, which caused G.A.H. to be born premature at 34 weeks as opposed to 38-40 weeks. Mrs. H also mentioned that her daughter’s first developmental milestone was when she started crawling, which was when she had reached 8 months. G.A.H. reached her second milestone, walking, when she was 13 months and was toilet trained when she was two years old. Mrs. H reported G.A.H. began speaking before the age of two in two languages, both Spanish and English. G.A.H. only medical history is that she has seasonal asthma as well as seasonal allergies. Mrs. H reported that
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ability to access and apply acquired knowledge were measured by the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI). G.A.H. VCI scores are in the Average range and above 58% of her peers (VCI=103; 90% confidence interval= 96-109). The Verbal Comprehension Index is made up of four subtests, Similarities, Vocabulary, Information and Comprehension and designed to measure a child’s ability of the verbal concept formation, reasoning, and expression skills. G.A.H. results indicate that she has a well-developed verbal reasoning system with strong word acquisition, effective information retrieval, good ability to reason and solve verbal problems, and effective communication of knowledge. G.A.H. scored highest on Similarities (Scaled Score=11) and lowest on Comprehension (Scaled Score= 6), which can indicate, she has strength in _____ but a weakness in ______. This can be contributed to age or overall lack of exposure to certain words. During testing, as words began to get more challenging, G.A.H. would respond I don’t know two words she had not seen

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