Physical Aggression Assessment Paper

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Using the following study Media Violence Exposure and Physical Aggression in Fifth-Grade Children, this paper examines the use of The Physical Aggression assessment tool which is a subscale of The Problem Behavior Frequency Scale to understand the issues of hits, misses, false positive errors and false negative errors that may take place in Applied Behavior Analysis. The Purpose of this assessment tool is to establish the frequency of a certain behavior. The assessment tool uses a point system questionnaire that is filled out by the child, parent or teacher. This paper gives examples of the challenges that this type of assessment tool may encounter. Using hits misses, hit rate, false positives and false negatives brings us to a conclusion that the physical aggressive scale can be a difficult representation for a behavioral analyst. The results from the assessment tool could falsely indicate results making it difficult to make predictions about the type of intervention plan that would work best for the child.

When working in
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A miss is a complete mistake of the test where the predictor fails to predict any of the outcomes of the given study (Cohen et al. 2013). A miss rate may be defined as the proportion of people that the assessment fails to identify certain characteristics. Inaccurate predictions of a test would be a miss rate. A false positive is when the test results predicted that the test taker possessed certain characteristics but the test taker did not (Cohen et al. 2013). In the reading from Cohen et al. (2013) it describes a false negative as a miss because the test predicted that the sample subjects would not display certain characteristics but the results showed that they do. When the prediction accurately describes the results of a test that would be defined as a hit rate (Cohen et al.

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