Observation Of Kindergarten

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Introduction: How Children Succed p.xiii&xv In this introduction I was surprised on how they are having three year olds filling out worksheets and completing drills on letter and number recognition (Tough, 2013, p.xiii). I did notice when my son went to transitional kindergarten that what was expected from him was what a kindergarten back then would be learning. When he went to kindergarten he was expected to know more than what I remember was required before. Many things have changed since I was little, but I do agree that many children going into kindergarten did not know anything when they started kindergarten. Many parent’s that I have spoke with said that, that was the reason why their child went into kindergarten so that they could learn things and be ready for first grade. From this introduction, what they believed in order for a child to be successful is that a child should have primary cognitive skills (Touch, 2013, p.xiii). Now they are saying that, “what matters most in a child’s development..is not how much information we can stuff into [their] brain in the first few years… Instead, help [them] develop a very different set of qualities…. Like, persistence, self-control, curiosity, …show more content…
They sat more than fifteen minutes but did a lot of hands on things instead of worksheets. They did sign the days of the week song with the calendar present and memorized it after a while. When they went on to transitional kindergarten they had memorized the song but did not recognize the day of the week. So I understand on what the congregation is trying to imply by saying that children need many qualities not just cognitive. I can compare with the introduction with this because in some aspects we were teaching these young children the wrong strategies and skills so that they can achieve the important

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