Examples Of Child Observation

It’s a cool brisk sunny day as I approach Bruning Elementary School in Wilmington, IL. Today I will be observing Mrs. W’s preschool class. I arrive before the students so as to get a good seat where I can see all their faces and watch two children without any obstacles.
Observation 1: The children come in with their winter coats on, one little girl looks right at me, smiles and states “I got a boo-boo” and sticks up her finger to me then goes to put away her coat. She comes back out of the coat area and shows me her pink shirt with a big smile on her face. She then walks to the two tables sits by a boy then gets up moves to the other table and begins tracing her name with a blue marker. “Look at my name” as she shows me her name and smiles. She goes to check her schedule then back to the table. “I try orange, ” she says t the teacher. “RED!” and she open playdough. She gets a rolling pen and it drops to the floor, “got it” she says and retrieves the rolling pen from under the table. She rolls playdough into balls, then says “Get that green one” as she points to a cookie cutter. She then gets up to get green scissors from other table, puts playdough into a tube then states “Look Abby” and points to a child, the para pro says “Look it’s Charlie!”. The little girl goes back to rolling her playdough into balls. Mrs.
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In both observations it was just interesting to watch their faces, the girl was smiling a lot, and the boy had a straight face until he spoke. The body language of the little girl was she was “ready to go” where the little boy seemed tired when they both first got to class when it was circle time they were both at the same activity level. I find that most of the children were on the quieter side but all were smiling at their friends as they played with the

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