New Plug Ins Cars From Mobile Vehicles Essay

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Hybrid- New Plug-ins cars
With the society becoming more environmentally cautious, it is not surprising that people are looking into more efficient ways to decrease air pollution from mobile emission. One way the society can decrease some of the environment pollutants on earth is decrease toxic emission from mobile sources. To this end, the government is in full support of initiatives to reduce air pollution by the car industry under the guidance of the EPA. These initiatives by all accounts will provide a healthier or greener environment for the future generation.
One of the ways the auto industry is supporting the clean air initiative is the roll out of different generation of hybrid automobile, notably the newer plug-in hybrid and the traditional hybrid. The newer plug-in hybrids cars for example are automobile that is partly uses gas and partly uses electricity and partly have electric Plug-In Capability. Some of the notable carmakers that are currently and aggressively exploring the science of electricity and gas powered automobiles are Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet to name a few. Theses auto manufacturer have respective built plug-in electric cars such as, the C-Max Energi, the Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid, and the Chevy volt (“Plug In Hybrid, “2012).
As would be expected there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to the both electrically gas powered auto engines’ technology. These advantages include but are limited to less use of natural gas and decrease air…

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