Negative Effects Of Technology In Adolescents

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As we all know, cell phones were made for talking to one another. With everything being so high-tech now, we are able to do much more than that. Now able to get on the internet at the touch of a button, use a cell phone as a camera, and get the weather all within 2 minutes. Sure, we all love our cell phones, but is it too harsh to say that some people would be absolutely lost without it? Choosing this topic was easy for me. I see first hand in my family, my 12-year-old sister has an iPhone 6, who would be absolutely lost without it. Technology in adolescents now comes with consequences since everything is so competitive. In western countries, technology is booming for all of us and adolescents now not having a cell phone is unheard of, yet …show more content…
The z generation has the opportunity to access any information on their smartphones, tablets, or technology at any time. Adolescents can sign up and access a website like Facebook easier than someone twice their age. The downside of someone so young using Facebook is that they are exposed to the media, photos, and what other people have to say. Not only can this be a negative effect for adolescents, but Dr. Taylor mentions “Facebook Depression”. He explains that Facebook is linked with multiple different personality and mental disorders. In his article he writes, “This study also explored the strength of Facebook use as a predictor of these psychiatric disorders and found that, even when demographics, such as age, gender, median income, ethnicity, and education were controlled, Facebook use was one of the three strongest predictors” (Taylor, 2013). As insane as it is, Facebook is shown to be linked with narcissism, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and others. From a girl’s perspective, I can understand narcissism and histrionic personality disorder. People will be so concerned with who likes their pictures or statuses and the amount of likes they get, it could really affect their

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