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Narrative Essay
It all starts when everyone is young. Parent, family members ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As just being a little kid, kids might say something unrealistic or may realistic. But when I was asked what I wanted to be I said a vet. I loved animals and with having pets at home it taught me the responsibility of taking care of animals. It was not until I learned what vets actually have to do and I had no intent of doing that to animals even if it was to help them. I have never had a strong stomach and would get grossed out by just seeing a little cut. As I got to second grade, I thought about teaching. I am extremely bossy, so people could say that teaching would be a good thing for me. As third grade ended, I remembered asking my teacher if she had any extra copies of homework to take home with me. Of course she gave me all of her extra copies.Over the summer, I would always make my brother or sister play “school” with me. I always was the teacher, only because I never let them be the teacher. My siblings eventually got bored and never wanted to play “school” with me anymore. So then I moved on to my cousins and neighbors and they played “school” with me until they got bored with it too.
My family means everything to me even if we do not get along half of the time. Down below in the picture, I have massive family considering not everyone could make it unfortunately and that 's only my mom side of the family! In summer of 2015, we planned a big…

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