Narrative Essay On The Great Long Hike

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The Great Long Hike

My family and I went on a hike. Not just any hike, one that was a lot longer than expected. Before we left the house I asked my mom.
“How long does it take to get there?” She said
“About an hour.”
1 hour and 10 mins later… “Mom?”
“Shouldn't we be there already be there?”
“Yes .” said mom.
My mom was figuring out where to go from where we were. It took another 30 mins to get to the exact place where we need to go. So finally we found the place. FINALLY I thought to myself. After we got out of the car we took a few family pictures, to remember that day. We were off to start our hike. Now I want you remember that this is only supposed to be an hour long. 2o mins later we came to the first destination.
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As we start to go down a path to get to the next waterfall I start to notice that the path is wet and slippery. I slipped, started to go down farther but my dad thankfully caught me. After what happened there we decided not to go farther down.
After that whole thing I asked my mom
“ Is the hike almost over? I'm hungry.”
Then my family and I got to the bottom of the first waterfall which was so cool! It was a giant bowl it was so cool. Then we all decided to go down into the bowl but not all the way because it was slippery and there was a bowl of water. The water was so clear and sparkly, and if you turned around you could see the water coming down from above. I thought to myself man this is so pretty. From there we continued on the path trying to figure out where to go next. All of us kids were like, are we lost? So then we were all like we are hungry. So its been 2 and a half hours now and i t was only supposed to an hour long hike. So after all that all the adults were like kids, look for a rope. Now there was a rock wall, and there are two pregnant ladies who were with us. I said
“ I found a
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I kept thinking to myself that day wow, God my made this. I almost forgot to tell you that that hike was supposed to be one hour but ended up being 3 whole hours. So there was one hour on the ride there and on the ride home. I thought to myself good time for a nap- and I was out. And everyone knows that when you fall asleep in the car, the ride goes a lot faster. As soon as we all got home that night I figured out that they did not know what to eat for dinner. So what happened was they ordered pizza. And with that many people we ordered like 10 pizzas, that night. The pizza was delish we got so many kinds. Like pepperoni, sausage, ham and pineapple, and many more. Any way that day was so good I can't even explain it. Going to the waterfall and looking over the edge was so amazing to look at. And then climbing up the rope and walking on the edge of the cliff was so much fun. Today was an adventure and some day i hope that i could go again someday. That day was literally the best day

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