Personal Narrative Essay: The Experience Of Runyon Canyon

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Epic trees

It was actually green

The ocean

Skull rock

The major butt workout

When we first moved to LA, all of the locals, whether by birth or adoption, would gush about this marvelous "Runyon Canyon" and how we NEEDED to hike there to finally feel like we had done the best hike in all of Los Angeles. After a few months of putting it off, Damon and I finally decided to christen our move by putting on the sneakers and trekking it up dusty, dry, desert like hills to see the "glory" that Runyon has to offer.

Did I love the experience? Absolutely not. Not only was the path pretty un-scenic, but we were surrounded with stereotypical valley girl accents from all corners talking about Tinder dates and office gossip. On top of that, I had to de-crust my sneakers for about an entire five days; the dry dust had me feeling like I was experiencing the
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This past weekend, I was toured around by Los Angeles's finest local and was introduced to the Temescal Canyon hike that changed my perspective about the hiking culture all together. It was quiet, scenic, lush, and vertical enough that I could skip leg day for three days in a row if I wanted to.


Here's why Temescal Canyon blows Runyon out of the water:

You actually see water

Temescal Canyon is located right off of the Pacific Coast Highway, and as a beach lover who wants to try hiking, it's a quick trip over. Park your car at Temescal Gateway Park and follow the signs for Temescal Canyon. The reward for climbing uphill for about an hour and a half? A pristine view of the Pacific Ocean.


There are more than just cacti to keep you company

One of my biggest complaints about Runyon is how damn dry it is. The plants can't possibly evolve beyond cactus form. Sure, there are interesting looking cacti along your Runyon run, but going to Temescal reminded me of visiting a Costa Rican rainforest.

hike-view temescal It's not known for celebrity

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