Personal Narrative: My Trip To Paris

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The summer before eighth I went on the vacation of a lifetime. My step-dad’s movie was set in Paris. As a part of trying the movie funded and accommodating him and my mom, they offered to take Jack and I too. We left for Paris at five in the morning from Chicago. I woke up that day at two in the morning in order to get on the flight to Chicago from Louisville. Although it was incredibly early, it was worth it. It took seven and a half hours in order to get to the Charles de Gualle airport. It took another three hours to get to our apartment with all of the lines, border control, and traffic.

Our apartment was spacious and airy which is rare in Paris. It was owned by the fashion designer Ribbe John. I have absolutely no idea we were able to
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We spent the next two weeks exploring everything Paris had to offer. My mom made sure that art was a priority so we went to the Lourve, Pompidou, Mussee Dorsay, Mussee Orangerie, and the Mussee Picasso. We spent endless days studying art on the streets and in the museums. We also went to numerous churches including walking up Notre Dame tower (400 steps each way) twice. I’m not sure why we did it twice other than for the exercise we were already getting from walking fifteen miles a day! Every day our feet were sore and swollen but it was definitely worth …show more content…
Our aunt came until she joined my cousins in Italy. The few days were some of the best of my life. We got fat off crepes, read books in the oldest bookstore in Paris “Shakespeare and co.”, and exploring Victor Hugo’s and Nicholas Flemmel’s house. We went to the Pere Lachaise cemetery and saw Weird Al Yankovic and his family! Our last day there was spent on set of the movie our step-dad was making. My family and I were extras for the scene underneath the Eiffel Tower. Coincidentally the movie is called “Under the Eiffel Tower”. The last night we were there went to the fancy restaurant called “Bofinger”. Poets and artists through the ages have been known to hang out there. We left the next day to go back to Louisville with our aunt as my mom and step-dad went to Bordeaux. This was my favorite vacation I’ve ever

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