Asi Kewa Book Report

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who were there and that it will be instrumental in bringing at least one person to Christ. After I was done there, I took my wash out to be washed and talked with Asi Lulu and Asi Kefua a little. They said that someday that they are going to come to America. Asi Kefua said that she is going to teach Sunday school there. Next, I think I worked on packing a little before going down to Me Manthbi and Me Matoka who were doing my wash. I wanted to go down and watch a little to see how they wash the clothes. I wanted to know how they can wash clothes by hand without getting blisters. Me Matoka told me that they had tougher skin. :) I stood there and talked to them for a while. She said that I could take a picture of the men that were working on the …show more content…
On the way there we stopped by Beautiful Gate (the orphanage were Caleb was from), because I wanted to get an African mom and baby pencil that they make there. We also stopped by The Hat, because I wanted to pick up a few more gifts. After the hat we headed to Ladybrand. The girls had music lessons and they needed to do some shopping. We did not have prayer this evening, because a lot of people are away and we are heading to Russenburg tomorrow. After eating lunch, we headed back home. Once we got back home, I worked on packing in the stuff I got today. After that I cleaned, my room/bathroom and also touched up the mission house that we stayed in for the first three weeks. Once I was done cleaning I read a little till supper. I am reading All In. Wow, what a book. It shows me how much I need to still grow. After supper, I washed up the dishes. After that I went to my room to get ready for bed. We have to leave very early tomorrow, because we are going to try to get Caleb to the doctors before heading to Virginia. Poor little Caleb has been sick since Monday night. They were thinking about taking him to the doctors today, but he was acting much better so they did not. Since, he was sick again tonight, they are going to try to get him to a doctor

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