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Senior Year My greatest memory so far in my eighteen years of being on this earth is without a doubt my senior year of high school. It was absolutely unforgettable. My senior year as a whole (which was just last year) was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and the happiest I have ever been. When I was a chubby little freshman with glasses I thought to myself that high school would be one of the longest time periods of my life and that four years would feel like forty years. But man was I wrong, high school went by in the blink of an eye. My first three years flew by and I was hoping that I would enjoy my final year. On the first day of school in my senior year, I finally realized that I didn’t have much time left …show more content…
Our chaplain did a great job in leading the prayer service and it was just a great mass. The next day was graduation, graduation was very haunting. In the beginning of high school, I could not wait to graduate but as it became less of a big thing in the future and more of a realistic thing that was coming very quickly I did not want to graduate at all. It all hit me that day, it was over. The people that I spent the four best years of my life with would all be going their separate ways. Graduation was very surreal because it was the last time that we all got together as a class. It was a very accomplishing day in my life and I was very proud of the person I became, but it was also sad because it was the end of an era. Senior year had finally come to a close.

It was all over and it was just one big memory. Senior year was great and I learned a lot about myself and about others. Senior year taught me not to rush life because one day I’m going to look back and realize that I should’ve enjoyed every day rather than being miserable. It was Ekbom 4 just a great time and I was very sad when it ended. But now I am excited for the next chapter

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