Reflective Essay: Freshmen Year Of English In High School

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In high school did you really care? Freshmen year English, is different teachers, the boring writing assignments that seem pointless, you don’t really care. Webster County High school isn’t like most high schools. We do things a lot differently! Some students don’t even do their assignments especially not their English homework.

I was different, I loved English and I remember Tammy Rich making me into the teacher’s pet. It was the first week back from summer back and she made the entire class write a short story about their summer adventures. I couldn’t wait to tell her all about how much I enjoyed lifeguarding and how great it was to save one life.

Rich told the class to participate because at the end of our high school career every senior will have a Senior Portfolio and present it to a panel of people in order to graduate high school. At the time, it sounded lame. I made up stories that were always my favorite part of that class.

On to Sophomore year of high school and to Rebecca Evans. She was decent at best, she had a rough time and she was going through adopting a child due to some health issues and me never really felt like she cared much for the class but she was alright. We wrote a few English papers none that really stick out to me or make me remember the year. All in all that year of high
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I went in scared and nervous to death, thinking lord I won’t make it and I’ll be back for the fifth year of high school. Doors open and I hear my name Destiny Starks, it is your turn. I took a deep breath and I went in. Voice shaking and cracking, I begin to start my senior presentation, giving everyone an overview of how I’ve grown as a person over the last four years. I tried my best to allow the panel of three teachers from all over to get to know me. This was very difficult, I hate speaking highly of myself, I don’t enjoy it. At the end, I played a video, for them to be able to see the

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