Personal Narrative: My First Concert By Joselyn

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“I do not why this is so important to you, Joselyn. They are just over rated and have no talent,” my older sister said, and instead of retorting back, I bit my lip and looked out the window. The dry land passed by, and my anxiety increased by the second. I was a seventeen-year-old, and was going to attend my first concert. I kept repeating “it is not big deal, there will obviously be more girls than boys, since it was a boyband playing. I am bound to meet someone aren’t I?”
I was suffering from anxiety, especially because of my parents’ divorce, and the illness of a loved one. I isolated myself, and never returned my friends’ calls. I stopped playing videogames, and writing, my two favorite hobbies. Then our of nowhere, my mom told me she was
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I have no idea what I did until the moment the lights went out, and the guitar riff started… and that is when I felt alive. I felt an extreme surge to grin, even though I tried to maintain composure. The five members came on the stage, and I just forgot where I was and all I could remember was why I was there; to have some fun. The loud music ended up deafening me, and I felt the strong base in my chest. The bright lights blinded me at one point, but everything blended in perfectly, including the rising temperature caused by the huddled bodies. Everyone and everything is in sync, is all that mattered to me. I did not need my friends, who at point looked the other way when I asked for help; I did not need to feel down for something that was out of my hands. I felt good, I felt in …show more content…
Everything was perfect, and suddenly, everything was going to be fine.
The concert ended with colorful fireworks, streamers, and free shirts being thrown from a t-shirt cannon. I cheered and felt completely happy the whole three hours, but it was time to go. I said good-bye to new friends, and walked slowly, but alert at all times as I descended through the stairs. My mom was waiting for me, and I do not know what it was, but I got this feeling to hug her and to tell her thank you, so I did. She hugged back awkwardly and asked about how it was. I saw how happy she felt for me, and I never missed a send to tell her how grateful I

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