Personal Narrative: My Journey To Napa

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On December sixth I embarked on an adventure with five classmates to the beautiful 1 downtown of Napa to watch student bands from Diablo Valley College perform. The whole gang consisted of Issac, Issac, Sam, Jesse, Carl, and I. We all drove to Napa and may have gotten lost a few times, but arrived early. We arrived to the cute town of Napa and decided to all have lunch at a cute Mexican restaurant called Taqueria Rosita. After we all headed over to the venue called Silo’s which was very small and intimate. The first performance was by Heart Candy and some other bands that preformed through the evening were The Fortune Rhythms, Dads, Misty Keys, Smooth Murphy, The Recruiters, The Blue Horns, and Jenny & the Blue Hearts. There was also a special …show more content…
She loves the deep friendships she has made with many people in her band and not in her band. She also loves that no matter what your mood is when you walk up onto that stage it all goes away. Any stress or feelings you has before performing disappear when you start performing. You get lost in the music and grace says she just gives it her all. I also asked Grace how important her image was to her and she laughed and told me it gets less important as she grow older. When she was younger she would have cared more, but now she’s just embracing herself and just being Grace. Grace always knew she had a passion for music and always wanted to be a musician, but if she wasn’t a musician she would have wanted to be an artist. She loves to paint, draw, and make jewelry. Her sister was her biggest influence when it came to art and loves her very much. When Grace lived in New Jersey there would be snowy days when she wouldn't be able leave the house. On the those she would sit in her home and make beautiful jewelry so that was always another passion of hers. She still today in her free times makes jewelry. Going back to music some musical artists that she loves and is inspired by are Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and lots of country music. Grace absolutely loves the Beatles though and they are her favorite band. I then asked Grace where she thought the music of today is going and she thought it was a very deep question. She said today there are many artificial and synthetic musicians nowadays with all the new technology. Grace said though there will always be the true artists out there and real pure music will always stay alive. She loves the song Love Letter In The Sand and any song by the

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