Nacerima People Essay

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The Nacirema people practiced extreme human behavior or ethnocentrism, in their rituals and culture. These people were highly economically developed, buy believed in witchery, magic, folklore of their religion, and many, many rituals. The focus of their rituals was the human body, through sexual exploitation of the human body, body fluids, and body parts. (Source: "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema" by Horace Miner).
I found that the observed rituals concerning the mouth were most intriguing. The Nacirema people believe that there is a strong relationship between oral and moral characteristics and that if the rituals are not performed, not only will poor oral hygiene issues occur but their social life will be ruined as well through loss
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Even some “non-functioning” body organs are replaced by organ donor or human organ harvesting. Yet, other body parts, and/or organs, are fixed by complete sex change or more appropriately, “gender re-assignment.” This procedure involved for a female transitioning into a male, a penile implant and steroid treatments to enhance facial hair, male body features, and voice deepening. For a male transitioning into a female, a penile castration if performed and converted into a female sex organ, as well as, steroid injections to enhance breast formation, female body features, and voice softening. (Source: Schaefer, R. (2012). Sociology. (13th ed., pp. 68-69, 143, 209-243). New York: McGraw-Hill.)
The “religion hero” of today, is Catholicism, because it is most accepted worldwide, is most involved with government and people, and has the most in mass of followers. The head of the catholic church is the Pope, as the Catholic Pumpis is known worldwide for his feat of religious superiority and commands. The catholic religion is the most recognized authority to speak of various worldly issues, such as homosexuality. Generally, homosexuality is frowned upon by just about every ethnic race and religion, as it conflicts with morals, norms, and traditions. Even though society frowns upon homosexuality, it is becoming moreover today as “acceptable” and is currently being considered legal and moral

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