Argumentative Essay: Protecting Gun Free Zones

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New laws on gun control are being created to ‘help protect citizens’; however, the laws do not always work at their expected caliber. In Chicago, IL crime rates have spiked since the addition of new gun control laws. Not all citizens are going to follow laws only because it is illegal, the only effect the laws are having is removing firearms from law-abiding citizens hands and removing their ability to protect themselves ( Also, gun control laws violate an individual's right the own a gun. Controlling guns with these laws is ineffective and therefore, should not be an action the government is taking. Creating gun free zones does not keep gun related crimes from happening. For example, Chicago has some of the most strict gun control …show more content…
The constitution states , “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Lund). Any law that violates the constitution is unlawful and should be rid of as soon as possible. The reason violating a law in the constitution is it could lead to other law violations of the constitution.
Supporters of gun control laws may think that creating gun free zones will keep gun related crimes from occurring. This belief, however, is disproved by evidence. If guns are made illegal to own, law-abiding citizens will then turn in their guns. However, those who wish to do harm with their guns would keep their guns illegally. Therefore, these laws not only take guns away from responsible citizens, but give those who wish to keep their guns an unfair advantage if they were to attack another person (
Gun control laws are ineffective and should not be in present in today’s society. Making gun free zones does not help keep citizens safe, it only takes guns out of citizens hands who would use them for self defense. The United States people need to realize that these laws are only hurting the nation, and stand up for the rights stated in the constitution. Only then will the people of the United States be paid their

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