The Second Amendment: Gun Control And Gun Rights

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To many individuals, the right to bear arms, is a feeling of protection for both themselves and their family. Whether it’s for their household or just walking in the street, it helps them to feel secure, stronger, and overall more independent. Especially at times where people live in a society where it is known for various crimes on a daily basis. According to the article, “Gun Laws”, “ The poorer the neighborhood, the riskier it is for peaceful residents” (3). In most circumstances, this is, unfortunately, very true. And taking away their only sense of security, send chills to may in the community. However, you would think that by decreasing the personal possessions of guns would also decrease crime rates. That, unfortunately, was not the …show more content…
However, some individuals were still living in fear that their trusty government will use their power to oppress them yet again. This later lead to many misinterpretations on how the Second Amendment is meant to be perceived. Many of the laws that followed prior to this, “were aimed at preventing the misuse of firearms by irresponsible civilians, but many of them also interfere[d] with the ability of law- abiding citizens to defend themselves against violent criminals” (4). This too, however, lead to major debate, including racism into the mix. Some citizens believed that gun control laws are racist in that they are frequently aimed at inner city, poor, black and hispanic communities who are perceived as more dangerous than white gun owners. Whether black, white, or hispanic, individuals have the right to their own protection without the hassle of law enforcement coming to their rescue. Besides, a man with a gun in his home is no threat to someone who isn’t breaking into it. But what about those who are accidentally killed by a law- abiding citizen who owns a gun and believes they are being robbed, when really, it’s their son or daughter that’s coming home late from a

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