Essay about My Writing Experience At School

827 Words Sep 13th, 2016 4 Pages
All through my years of schooling, I’ve had just about one paper that was about one page long, due every year. Therefore, I did not have to do much writing. Surely not enough to remember any of it. Writing has never been a thing I enjoyed doing, so I never bothered to remember any of writing experiences. The only writing experience I remember is having to write this paper about a writing experience. All weekend long, I sat there thinking about what to write about, and nothing came to mind. Then, one thing came to mind, but it was so vague I couldn’t write two and a half pages about it. After sitting there for a little longer I thought, how about I write about how hard it was for me to write this essay, so here it goes.
As a student, I have always struggled in school and struggled to pay attention. I never had the motivation to go to school. When I was at school, I never listened to what the teachers were saying. I never really payed attention. Instead I spent my time doodling on my papers. Throughout all of my schooling I can’t remember a single year where I’ve missed less than twenty days due to me being sick. I have anxiety and when it comes to school, my anxiety is like a kid in a candy store, it goes absolutely crazy. My anxiety contributes to my struggling in school and not paying attention. It takes me hours to do homework, where it would take any other person about twenty minutes. I will sit there and think about how hard writing is, rather than think of an idea. It…

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