Essay about My Writing A Critical Inquiry

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My work in Critical Inquiry has given me a broader sense of exploring more concepts and theories that I have not particular been involved in until now. My job includes detailed descriptions of all of the work I have completed in my Critical Inquiry class including but not limited to 6 one-pagers, three essays, and three visual pieces. I would like to start off with the work I have done in my Critical Inquiry class that included the visual pieces I had to create for my response to class assignments. Each visual piece I built for a different set of literary or film sources had a very playful feel to it.
For example, my first visual piece was for the response to the literary work Woyzeck by Georg Buchner. I wanted to include as much detailed information as I can fit in there, while also this being my only time to produce sculptural work this semester since this was a difficult read and I had to reread it again to understand its context. This was the favorite piece I made for the entire class semester because I got to experiment as much I want and that it was such much fun tackling each and every symbolism that 's reflected in my piece. My sculpture had a protective cat scratcher with white paint covering the top of the base wrapped in black tape, and the bottom supporting the part was a jar filled with gummy candy, frozen peas, and algae. The middle portion was an entire shoebox with the opening cut out so that you can see the craftsmanship inside of it.
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