Semplica Girl Diaries Saunder Analysis

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There is a certain bittersweet finality to closing off another semester of creative writing, on the one hand, inevitably you will have grown somehow as a writer, by being exposed to the numerous different perspectives and viewpoints, as well as just the work of your fellow students, as well as the material presented in front of you. At the same time, it is also leaving a part of a period in your life, that you have invested so many hours into.

In terms of the subject I’ve learned the most about over the semester, there is little doubt that I have greater understanding of the poetic medium than I had before. Namely, the mechanical variety that goes into creating and presenting these ideas, and the various formats, experimental, and traditional,
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In particular, “Semplica-Girl Diaries.” By George Saunder, is an example of narrative revealed to us over time. What can be initially taken as just a short parable of self-doubt and reflection, coveys a set of deeper themes, that not only go along to flesh out elements of the story, but also coincide with the devolvement of our main character, or rather the devolvement of our understanding of this character.

The unit in general allowed me to see more of the fundamental differences between that of this story, and something like “Spy VS Spy.” By Maile Meloy, where that relationship and understanding of the main character, is less so focused on he himself, but the story constructing itself around the inherent conflict between these two characters. In this way, it is important to remember that our stories should place upon emphasis to the core concepts we are trying to convey, whether that be a larger examination of a concept through a single character, or examining the relationship between two, as they conflict and contrast off the other, and as a result, have us learn more and more about

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