My Views On Growing Older Essay

778 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Growing older, I have realized that I am quite the pessimistic person. From my outward, exuberant personality people who do not know me would never think of me as someone who looks at the glass half empty, but, I must admit, I do. I have never tried to look at the world in such a jaded way, that’s just kind of how it always turns out. Because of my seemingly easy-going, goofy nature, it would appear as if I have a positive outlook on life. My views are much on the contrary, many times contradicting the views of my peers. This can all be true because it is rooted in the belief that you cannot always get what you want. My life has been a series of not getting what I want. I don’t mean this in a strictly materialistic way but rather a way that is not seen or commonly observed. I was always in an uphill battle of things I want. My brother and I, but not so much my younger sister, grew up being raised mostly by my mother. Thankfully, this is not due to divorce like many parents but because my father was a truck driver. For the first eight or so years of my life, I only saw my dad for short spurts, spending most of the time with my mom or at my grandparents’ house. This is not an ideal situation for any child growing up, but that was just how it had to be. Of course, as a young child I did not understand this and I wanted to have my dad home all the time. I wanted to be able to have him at softball games, concerts, and birthdays, but I knew that couldn’t always happen.

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