My Trip At The Bahamas Essay examples

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Out of all the multifarious places I have traveled, the Bahamas was by far my favorite trip. I have yet figured out what made the trip so special it is among the beautiful sights I saw during my trip or the even beautiful souls I spent the trip with; my high school basketball team. We went to the Bahamas with one mission, to win the entire tournament; but we accomplished much more. We bonded with one another and experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity. The memories that I made during my trip will forever be in the back of my mind. We played nationally ranked teams across the country. We were the underdogs in the tournament because this would be our first national tournament. Although we were the underdogs, we were not intimidated. We prepared for these games just as we did any others. We prayed, said a team chant, stretched, and warmed up. We played our hearts out and won every game in the tournament we were named the “KSA Champions”. The accomplishment increased our team’s national ranking, we were now in the top 20 teams in the nation and the number one team in Georgia; the ranking we were now held was the highest in history at my school. It meant a lot to my coaches and teammates, due to the fact we were the only African American team in the tournament. The funny looks that we received and the lack of foul calling made by the Caucasian referees, made me realize that racism is still very much alive and well. My coach expressed how proud she was of her team for how…

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